Thunder Road Church is a community of Bikers helping Bikers. We believe everyone deserves salvation. Most of us have come from a life of mediocrity and have been influenced by the world. We were lost and now we are found. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is for everyone who comes to Him and believes.

We trust that everyone who hears these words of salvation has a choice to make. We are a group of people who believe that everyone should be invited, feel welcome and should come as you are.

We would love for you to come be part of a place where your questions can be answered.  It is not our job to convince you, but it is our job to share the truth. Many of us were led astray by the wicked ways of the world, but came to the realization that we can be healed and made clean again. are welcome here! are welcome here!

Biker...Passenger...Non-Biker...Not yet a Believer...Already a Believer seeking a new place to are welcome here!

If your weekends are filled with riding, you can still make it to a Frdiay evening in Roseville, CA. You owe it to yourself to come check us out. Once you walk in you will feel the difference and want to come back. 

We reach folks right where they are as we support other Motorcycle ministries in doing good works in the Biker community... Come see for yourself and experience the fruits of the spirit. Its Real, Its Relevant and its Pretty Fun Too. 


FaceBook Live / Every Friday Night / 7:00pm-8:00pm